Welcome to the
Diablo Collection

A Genesis Collection of 666 Unique Demonic NFT's

About Us


The Diablo Collection is a collection of 666 (satanic) algorithmically generated NFTs living on the Ethereum network that are available to purchase via our mint and OpenSea upon resale.


You will be given the opportunity to stake two Diablos that will breed to create a Hell Hound. The Hell Hounds will be air dropped to your wallet of choice prior to completion of breeding.

Hell Hound Staking

The Hell Hounds will be staked to create daily rewards of our native $DIABLO token. More details to be revealed later on the utility.


The token is solely for intended to be used as a utility token in the Diablo projects (1 $DIABLO = 1 $DIABLO).

The Team


24, Hampshire, United Kingdom. The founder of The Diablo Collection. Connar is a degree qualified business owner of a construction financial cost consultancy, he also is heavily invested in Crypto Currency's, NFT's, Nodes & Property, his experience as company director is invaluable to the team.


24, Hampshire, United Kingdom. The Head Developer of The Diablo Collection, Business owner/franchisee in the financial services sector. He has helped shape the project since day 1. He has over 5 years experience in finance & insurance and have been a Cryptocurrency investor since 2017.


22, London, United Kingdom. The artist behind the The Diablo Collection. Izzie is studying Psychology at University, with a passion for creating art. She only entered the NFT world in December, and has made herself known as an artist in the community.